Matt and Kelly

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Our story

Matt and Kelly both grew up in Westford, MA, but did not meet until their senior year of high school at Westford Academy. Kelly switched into Mrs. Stamp’s math class a few weeks into the school year. On Kelly's first day in the new class, she walked into the room a few minutes after most of the students had already found their seats. Matt was sitting with his friends, John Ford and Kathleen McEnaney (both are now in the wedding party!). As he was chatting with them before class, Kelly caught his eye as she walked in and Matt thought “who is that girl??”. He was quick to ask Kathleen and John. Once word got around that Matt liked Kelly (before even talking to her), a group of mutual friends worked together to set them up. A mutual friend gave Matt Kelly's number, other friends constantly were telling Kelly how great of a guy Matt was (they definitely weren't wrong!), and Kathleen & John tried forcing them to be math partners during class.

In February 2012, they went on their first dinner date to Anthony’s Pizza in Tyngsboro. That was when Kelly realized that she really liked Matt. They were seated at a booth and spent some time laughing and talking before their food arrived. When they got their pizza Kelly began eating with a fork and knife because the slices were too big to pick up without falling apart. Matt followed her lead and used a fork and knife. Kelly got up to use the bathroom, but before walking through the bathroom door she turned around and looked at Matt, who dropped the fork and knife and chowed down on a slice of pizza. Kelly started laughing to herself and in that moment knew that he was a keeper. She went back to the table laughing. Matt was using a fork and knife again. She told him that she saw him pick up the pizza and that he didn’t have to use a fork and knife to eat. They laughed hysterically together and finished the night without forks and knives.

March 2012 is when their relationship really started to take off. Matt was part of Westford Academy’s Theater Competition play in Boston, The Hairy Ape (they won first in the state!). Kelly was invited to go with them to watch. After the weekend away, they arrived back at Westford Academy. As they were walking out of the school to their cars, Kate Lizotte asked Matt “Are you gonna ask her?” Kelly was confused what they were talking about. On the drive home, Matt said, “There’s something I want to ask you”. Kelly said, “yes?”. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”. "Yes!" Little did they know that 8 years later (in 2020...during a pandemic) Matt would be getting down on one knee to ask Kelly another question in which the answer would be “YES!”.

On the morning of August 22, 2020 they went for a walk up to the Gibbet Hill Castle with their dog, Nash. Kelly had moments of wondering if Matt was going to propose. She even looked at Matt's pockets for a ring box and looked around the castle to see if she could spot her sister hiding as a photographer - no luck, so she moved on from the thought. As they made their way down the path onto the Gibbet Hill field by the restaurant, Matt took Kelly's hands and told her the real reason they were at Gibbet Hill that morning. Matt got down on one knee and proposed! He also set up a party the next day to celebrate their engagement with family.

We can't wait to #SULLYBRATE with you!
-Matt & Kelly